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Welcome to Our Projects Page

Welcome To Our Projects Page

Welcome to our world

This page is a dedicated archive of all the conservation projects, awareness expeditions, and humanitarian campaigns we have designed, managed and been affiliated with. If you are lucky you may see some of what is still to come among our completed endeavours. Though non of our work is possible without the support of our partners and sponsors, we thank them for their support and encourage you to support our funds work by clicking on the donate button above. 
John Lucas and Team.


2 icons – Overland

Celebrating global icons in the Overlanding world, by re-opening your eyes to travel in a post lockdown world. Part 1 will take place in Southern Africa, with Part 2 being a surprise. 

Coming 2022 - 2023

Capri X

A world-first circumnavigation of the World Expedition, by human power and carbon-neutral expedition vehicles. With an opportunity to join us on the route, through our young explorer’s program.  

COMING 2024 - 2025

ReWild – Series 

Celebrating the worldwide push for re-wilding in the only way we know-how by taking you on a journey of discovery with our Overlanding vehicles and expedition team. YouTube series coming soon.

Coming 2023 - 2028

Coming Soon

Coast Of Hope

Highlighting the plight of fragile marine ecosystems and conservation areas, their dependence on community, and links to our heritage.


Lobos – Portugal

Exploring the rewilding of the Portuguese highlands, and understanding the unique human-wildlife conflict situation.  

Coming 2023

Mouth 2 Mouth 

One river 3 names, 3 countries, and 2 oceans. a 10 000km expedition of discovery in some of Southern Africa’s most iconic landscapes.

Coming 2025

explore4knowledge® Projects Archive

Transkei – Overland


The South African wild coast is notorious for being one of the most dangerous coastlines in the world and we found out why the hard way.

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Soweto 2 Sodwana


We partner with WWF and the UN, by using our expedition platform to change human behavior and solve problems around sustainable seafood consumption across the African Continent. 

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Maun 2 Maun


The remote regions of the globe have two things in common, lack of fresh water and medical supplies. We try our best to address these issues through our expeditions, click here to find out how. 

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Earth Camp

Together with Miss Earth, we manage a women’s only learning experience, focusing on environmental skills development and expedition-based experiences.  

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10 days 100 schools


In response to the “Day Zero” water crisis in South Africa, we partnered with Miss Earth and National Government to implement a “bio-blitz” educational program.  


Cinderella Story


How do you relocate fish to a pristine river system in hopes that you save an entire species from extinction? We were there learning from experts and finding our how on day one. 

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Hope For Heritage


in South Africa, September is heritage month, or recently known as “Braai Month” so we set our on a mission to highlight our marine heritage alongside our partners.

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Water Warrior

The Water Warrior Expedition is a 10-day source to sea paddling expedition along the Olifants River in the Western Cape of South Africa. 10 university students were awarded the opportunity to participate in a life-changing experiance. 


Olifants River – Research

A project to understand the ecology, culture, and heritage of one of the last free-flowing rivers in Southern Africa. We learn from researchers, farmers, and community leaders as we follow the river from source2sea.

2013 - 2016

Lesotho – Overland

“You want to go camping in this… you will die” was the advice given to us in the highest snowfall Lesotho had experienced in the past 50 years. 


Enviro Outreach

When we formed e4k® Toyota was the first major company to support our work and we can not thank them enough for taking the plunge with us and supporting our vision for citizen science in Southern Africa. 

2013- 2014

Dark Skies – Learning Series

Learning how to take photos of the night sky while sitting around a roaring campfire. Is one of the experiences we have developed over the years so why not Join Us on one of our learning vacation.


Botswana – Overland

We find ourselves in Etosha, a few emails and phone calls later we are on route through the Caprivi and on to the opening of Pangolin Lodge. This is what we love about Africa, the networking and unpredictability of every day. But our journey did not end there, we travel on to the iconic Salt Pans and Red Dunes. 


Namibia – Overland

We find ourselves back in Namibia with our friends and travel partners Taleni-Africa, but this time for something a little different an Overlanding adventure across Namibia from Cape Town to Etosha. We team up with local service providers to shed light on the region’s unique ecology. 


Kalahari – Overland

For us, the Kalahari is a second home, this is where John spent years doing research and learning about terrestrial conservation from some of the world’s foremost conservationists and ecologists. It is a place we visit often and feel privileged to be able to share this journey with you through our blogs. 


Footsteps Of Our Fathers

All great journeys start with an idea. This one started with an email, a flight and a series 2 a we needed to build from the ground up.


Water Action Weekend

Annually we host a citizen science-focused, educational weekend focused on supporting rural community schools within river catchment areas. 

2014 - Date

Mobile Classroom 

We could not build classrooms for everyone, but we can take a state-of-the-art classroom to everyone. With this, we reach over 100 000 learners annually.  

2011 - Date

Namibia – Overland

Working with Land Rover we take their trusted Discovery 4 on a journey of the highlights of Namibia. Together with our long-term travel partners, Taleni Africa, we learn about the countries unique landscapes.


Zambia – Overland

From raging water falls, to elephant bulls, anti-poaching units, prehistoric birds, and tiger fishing Zambia has a lot to offer the intrepid explorer and we go in search of its beauty in a 1900’s series 2a, a ground tent and a Garmin gps. 


West Coast – Overland

The South African west coast has some of the most diverse landscapes, ecological areas, and river systems in the country. For us, this is an arid region of the continent that offers beauty in the small things and if you are not careful you could get lost.


Water Meets The Sky

Where a forest road gives way to a hidden gem, a freshwater oasis as far as the eye can see. Filled with prehistoric birds, mammals adapted to live in water, and a seemingly never-ending supply of fish.