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Founded by John Lucas, explore4knowledge® has been promoting syllabus based holistic learning through environmental education activation and expeditions across Southern Africa since 2011. These multi-award winning workshops, mobile classrooms, camps and expeditions have not only reached over 15 000 students in a sustainable manner across various socio economic boundaries (2011-2015), but have become a benchmark in promoting the pursuit of exploration in the fields of Geography, Biology and Science. By focusing on promoting Education Through Adventure®, e4k® has been able to make these fields relevant to the current generation and through using citizen science tools, partnering with industry leaders, corporate sponsors and private donors they have been able to bridge the gap between science and education at a grassroots level.


We invite you to join us in the field working alongside various community groups at a grassroots level or allowing us to host your students through our Educational Expeditions™ program.



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The aim of explore4knowledge® is to promote Education Through Adventure® across all socio-economic boundaries, inspiring, understanding and creating an appreciation for our environment amongst the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow in order to ensure we protect our natural resources for future generations and promote the desire to understand the world through Natural Science (Biology) and Science, as well as promoting a need for Geographical exploration through using citizen science tools, partnering with industry leaders, corporate sponsors and private donors to breach the gap between science and education at a grassroots level.


To engage students and educators from Early Childhood Development (ECD) to Tertiary education level as well as Educators in Southern Africa through using our innovative approach to learning through the use of technologies in storytelling to sharing the plight of natural resources as well as the message of our conservation partners across the continent.

United Nations Sustainability Goals

E4k Educational Outcomes

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It is said that “curiosity acted upon is exploration”and for this reason our team is please to not only pursue our curiosity across the African Continent, but also Globally. We are proud that our citizen science orientated Education campaigns not only feed valuable data into existing databases, but that our Expeditions and Awareness Campaigns exist to answer questions around critical thinking, collect data for research programs and promote problem solving across various sectors.


The expeditions and campaigns we have designed and managed over the years have not only won various awards, but have caught the attention and imagination of various individuals. We are proud to announce through our sister company Educational Expeditions, you are able to join us in the field on some of our Learning Vacations. In addition to this we you are also able to join us in a voluntary capacity at one of our field stations or on expedition.


John Lucas
Founder and CEO
Gustav Klotz
Niel Conradie
Non-Executive Director
Tony Cotzer


Talita Lucas
Educational Advisor
Dr Bruce Paxton
Research Advisor
Cameron Stuart
Production Manager
Dylan Haskin
Expedition Photographer


Over the years we have been privileged in being able to share various milestones with our partners and sponsors, but more importantly with you our followers and supporters. Without your interest in our work or your nominations, we would not have been able to share our work with you or the rest of the world.


Thank you for the support and we look forward to many more years of promoting “Education Through Adventure®” as we explore4knowledge®.

Founding Thoughts

“Originally e4k was designed to be my personal blog aimed to share with you the stories of the areas I work in and the work being done by my friends in conservation internationally. With a growing interest in my work and by using scientific research projects, community based educational workshops, expeditions of discovers, networks and partnerships to engage with local communities e4k has grown in leaps and bounds and is today more than just a blog but consists of a team of volunteers working on various award winning projects promoting conservation on a grass roots level and supporting other NGO’s, NPO’s and organizations with resources where possible.”