Earth Camp

women in exploration


This was the last Overlanding adventure we squeezed in before South Africa
and the World went into lockdown, together with various industry partners we filmed what was to be a promo for an Overlanding Series we had designed focusing on travel, ecotourism, conservation, and rewilding. Through the use of digital marketing tools and various partnerships this series received millions of views across the two platforms, it was organically shared and these stats are available for you our partners to see. 


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We hope you enjoy the Adventure. 

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We were able to design a expedition series focusing on their core values of empowering young South African women, by providing them a once in a life time leanring experiance focusing on the understaning and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage. 

Earth Camp – 2017

The radios crackle and a voice relays the message, “this is where the cellphone reception ends” form here on our we in the wild. The Land Rover Discovery vehicles are placed in low range and we start snaking our way down the valley, through the fynbos curtain and into a different world. The first days excitment of driving new vehicles, setting up camp and seeing a star lit sky we gather around the roaring fires to learn what tomorrow has install for us.

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We are able to see how everything we have been taught about sustainability and conservation comes together in citizen science. 

The Next Adventure 

Earth Camp was designed to be an annual learning experiance, but like many other industries, COVID has forced our team to put our plans on hold. This was done out of respect for the indigenous people we meet on our travels, our team safety, and in line with global safety guidelines. We look forward to hitting the road again in 2023 and sharing our passion for the natural world with you. Click on the links below to see more. 
Thank you.
John Lucas and Team.   

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