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Designing, Managing and Implementing Expeditions is what we do, we have worked with leading organisations and corporates collecting scientific data, changing behaviour around sustainability, and telling stories.

This is our passion, to date we have travelled over 300 000 km by boat and bespoke overlanding vehicles managing these award-winning adventures.

So view our work on our projects page and follow our travels on YouTube.

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# stories

The telling of stories through a written, spoken or image-based narrative is the cornerstone to raising awareness and is ingrained in our mission statement of promoting Education Through Adventure®. As a team of Story Tellers, Photographers, Videographers, and Drone Pilots we take every opportunity to plan and research the stories we tell from the areas we travel through.

No matter the project, program or adventure as a team we believe in using our platforms to impart knowledge and share our passion for the beauty of the natural world alongside our various education, project and expedition partners. We look forward to sharing our stories with you from the remote corners of our planet. 

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Every subscription helps us share our passion for adventure, conservation, re-wilding, and education. Though more important than this it supports our humanitarian and conservation work, done by the Curiosity Fund.   

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Mobile classroom program

# education

This is where it all started driving to schools in rural Africa to assist teachers with educational resources, manage community workshops and equip the students with citizen science tools. From humble beginnings, the program evolved into the bespoke Mobile Classroom Initiative, a women’s STEM-based project series and interactive programs developed for Scouts among other youth-focused organisations.  

The education programs proudly reach 100 000 plus learners in person and have access to over 1 million learners digitally. In addition to these STEM-based learning outcomes, we manage screening and distribution programs for prescription-based reading glasses. 

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# rewilding

Rewilding is best described as – “activities are conservation efforts aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and wilderness areas. This may include providing connectivity between such areas, and protecting or reintroducing apex predators and keystone species.”

Having crisscrossed the African continent for a decade learning from conservation experts, managing research projects, and documenting the work of others. We have decided to put our in-house digital marketing and production skills to use on our own platforms for the next decade. As we launch our rewilding, conservation series across various streaming platforms. 

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Our Sustainable Development GoalsSee All

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# 60 seconds

The #e4k60seconds project forms part of our podcast channel, aimed at giving you a quick look into the unique world of your favourite species, locations, organisations and the unknown.

Alongside our regular interviews, we will be pouring over our zoology textbooks, calculating floral formulas and looking into various questions, such as “why a Polar Bear does not slip on ice?”

So be sure to follow our channels and feel free to send us your questions.

# e4k 60 seconds


Like all organisations, we use our platform to share our stories to inspire and inform, but our story is just one of many and it is this thought that inspired the #e4kNews Project.   

e4k News is a platform to showcase the incredible work being managed by organisations all over the world, to share conservation success stories and inspire its community to travel and experience the world in a sustainable and impactful manner. In addition to written and image-based narratives, it will share podcasts and discussions related to industry leaders, explorers, travellers and corporates all pursuing curiosity.

This platform is open for anyone to contribute and gain exposure for their organisation through carefully curated digital media metrics and outcomes.

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Curiosity Awards

You are invited to apply for one of our amazing awards/ grants, which are aimed to not only assist you with your personal fieldwork or goals but also inspire others through Curiosity. These grants are offered annually with the support of sponsors.

coming late 2023
Innovative STEM based learning 


The e4k Mobile Classroom program focused on developing outcomes-based educational activations through the use of our bespoke vehicles.

These STEM-focused activations are designed to work across various demographics, and age groups and focus on rekindling a curiosity for biology, science and geography through innovative technologies.

The vehicles were originally designed to access rural schools to assist learners and educators with resource shortfalls and continue to reach over 100 000 learners to this day in rural communities.

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# Heritage

Our heritage series is focused on working with communities, conservation organisations and various corporates to tell unique stories around critical conservation issues and we can work together to protect our natural heritage.

This may come in the form of how-to initiatives, an educational series on traditional solutions to modern issues, or citizen science programs in which you can become involved within your home town or while on holiday.

# e4k Heritage

Carbon Neutral

We do everything possible to ensure that our fieldwork, educational programs and projects are managed with minimal impact on the environment. You can follow the link below to see the project we manage.

Our Projects
Curiosity Fund


It is said that “Curiosity Acted Apon Is Exploration” and for this reason, we are proud to say that we have created our Foundation or what is better known as the e4k® Curiosity Fund.

Since 2011 the Curiosity Fund has helped fund mobile classroom programs, glasses distribution projects, and humanitarian initiatives all the while assisting others to enter the field of exploration. It has also actively managed educational programs, supported scientific research, and supported creatives in telling meaningful stories to enact change.

# e4k FUND
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# citizen science

We are proud to say that we have been equipping youth with “citizen science” tools long before it became today’s buzzword. We believe it to be one of the most powerful tools for conservation today; for this reason, it is a cornerstone of our educational programs and expeditions.

Coming from a scientific background, we have been able to use our travels to collect data for various publications on our travels. Through partnering with organizations such as the WWF, UNEP, and the Fresh Water Research Centre. We have pursued our curiosities by making a measurable difference. 

# e4k Citizen Science

Sponsors and Partners

The Expeditions, Mobile Classrooms, Research Projects and Grants would not be possible without their support of our work. Each project landing page celebrates its specific supporters and the link below takes you to the supporter’s overview page.

Our Sponsors and Partners