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Due to the nature of our industry and the work we do we are not available 24/7 and many of the locations we work in do not even have electricity and running water, so wifi and cellular connection are not a reality. This being said we do read all your emails, even though we might be a few days late. We do have an office team who will do their best to respond to your messages and get them through to us if urgent. 

    head quaters and base camp

    As much as we are citizens of the world, working in remote locations globally we need a place to park our vehicles, rest our cameras and plan the next adventure. These locations and workshops are however not open to the public unless arrangements are made with us prior to your visit. This being said head over to our social media pages and you can get an insight into our world, expedition prep and our vehicle builds.

    Curiosity Fund

    Since 2011 the e4k Curiosity Fund has been educating youth, supporting humanitarian campaigns, funding conservation, and research projects, as well as supporting up-and-coming individuals with grants. Non of this would have been possible with out your donations and we thank you for your continued support. 
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