Maun 2 Maun

a Global Vision 2020 project


Global Vision 2020 is a global organisation that focuses on equiping community leaders, humaniterinas and volunteers with the resources to provide others with the gift of sight for a few dollars per pair of glasses.

The Maun 2 Maun project was one of the many glasses outreach and distribution projects managed through a colaborative aproach of various organisations and corporates, and supported by Global Vision 2020.


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It takes 10 min and costs less than US$5 per person to screen them for life changing prescription eyeglasses, convinentaly packaged in a flight ready pelican case this is a go anywhere solution.

GV 2020 The Idea 

Global Vision 2020 is a US based charity that has developed a system that allows easier distribution of eyeglasses to people living in the developing world. Now, with less than a day of training, it’s easy to determine if someone needs eyeglasses, what their prescription is, and make them a pair of eyeglasses in minutes.

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A few dollars give the gift of vision, please support the Curiosity Fund. 

Part 1: His name is Mpapi

The loss of vision is something that not only effects us on a perosnal level, but also has a direct effect on our livelyhood. This is no more evident than in the tourims sector in Africa, for many guides the ability to indetify aniamls from a distance and inturprate animal behaviour directly effects their income and tips form clients. So through working with local industry, the team was able to assess the eye sight of guides and trackers at local lodges along the route.  

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“thank you i can now see the fly on a lions nose, a tick on a zebras back and the hair on a elephants nose.” 

Part 2: Her name is Tebatso.

As some of you may know, arts and craft is the corner stone of the African economy. Be it selling items to tourist shops, locals or batering with one another, though the loss of sight effects the ability of many women to create these crafts. Though many of these women never make it to clinics due 100’s of miles away, so by reaching out to educators at local schools we have been able to organise that they come to the mobile clinic we set up at local community schools and centres. 

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“thank you, I can now see the holes in the beads and I am not pricking myself with the needle anymore, thank you” 

Part 3: Her name is Tlotlo

Thinking back to your time at school, we are sure that reading work off of the chalk board or white board was a challenge at the best of times. Now imagine the chalk board was a painted wall and the chalk did not wipe off before the teacher wrote the next lot of work. To make matters worse you see everyting with a bit of a fuzsel around it, no matter how hard you try you simply never know what is being written for you to take down.  

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“at first I was scared, worried if it would hurt, but my teachers explained how it worked and i can not imagine going to class without my glasses”

Global Vision 2020

The Global Vision 2020 projects are part of a ongoing series, but like many other industries, COVID has forced our team to put our plans on hold. This was done out of respect for the indigenous people we meet on our travels, our team safety, and in line with global safety guidelines. We look forward to hitting the road again in 2023 and sharing our passion for the natural world with you. Click on the links below to see more. 
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John Lucas and Team.   

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