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The Hope for Heritage campaign focuses on highlighting the importance of celebrating the world’s natural and cultural heritage alongside one another. In many instances showcasing the beauty of what can be found and explored on your doorstep, the Hope for Heritage camping paved the way in developing the rewilding series that explore4knowledge hosts today across its various platforms.  

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“The Cape Whale Coast, stretching from Rooi Els to Quoin Point in the Western Cape, is unique in its combination of rich and abundant biodiversity, spectacular scenery and cultural heritage. Proclaimed in Dec 2014, it is one of six proposed Mission Blue Hope Spots launched by Sylvia Earle in South Africa.

The Idea

South Africa is a country filled with flavour and diversity and this is celebrated anually as part of heritage month. In recent years the focus of this month has been pulled away from celebating the natural heritage and beauty the country has to offer. The Hope for Heritage campaing was developed to address this by highlighting the natural beauty one project at a time. 

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South Africa is home to eight world heritage sites and countless local sites of wonder or natural beauty. 

Part 1: A Spot For Hope 

Situated in a parking lot outside a resturant overlooking the old harbour you can see a plaque and if you stop to read it, your eyes will be opened to the beauty and wonders of the Cape Whale Coast. Though unbeknow to most if you don your scuba gear, swim out of the old harbour and turn left at the shark nursary making your way to the kelp you will find something special mounted to the ocean floor. 

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A Hope Spot is any special place that is critical to the health of the ocean – “Earth’s blue heart”… Hope Spots allow us to plan for the future….

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