For over a decade we have been promoting Education Through Adventure in all that we do. What started as a simple website, has developed into a team of passionate individuals who have joined together to manage expeditions, educational programs, humanitarian initiatives, and conservation campaigns globally. With the support of various partners and sponsors, these award-winning programs have not only showcased innovation in their fields but have also impacted thousands of lives and the communities they come from. So now we invite you to pursue your curiosity and explore the beauties of the natural world with us through our website. 

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Founded by John Lucas, explore4knowledge® has been managing innovative programs within scientific-based Overlanding travel, Bespoke Expeditions, learning experiences, and environmental education activation. Through the work of the Curiosity Funde4k® has been able to promote its Education Through Adventure® ethos among grassroots communities, all the while creating thought-provoking story-based content across its various digital media-based platforms.


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When 2 eras meet

# 2 Icons

Welcome to the #e4k2icons project. For over a decade we have been working with various vehicle manufacturers managing projects in the remotest corners of the planet. This project is no different but alongside highlighting the need for tourism to sustain conservation efforts globally, we will be working with new partners and announcing our next Expedition for 2024/2025 celebrating the 1/2 mark for the decade of reducing carbon. 

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Expedition Journal

The expedition journal or what would traditionally be referred to as a blog space is a collection of our stories covering tens of thousands of kilometers of gravel travel, years of visual storytelling and the dreams of what is to come. 

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Every subscription helps us share our passion for adventure, conservation, re-wilding, and education. Though more important than this it supports our humanitarian and conservation work, done by the Curiosity Fund.   

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This is our passion. To date, we have traveled over 300 000 km telling the stories of various conservation organizations, collecting scientific data, changing behaviour around sustainability, and telling stories. 


Coming from a scientific background, we have been able to use our travels to collect data for various publications on our travels. Through partnering with organizations such as the WWF, UNep, and the Fresh Water Research Center. We have pursued our curiosities by making a measurable difference.   


This is where it all started driving to schools in rural Africa to assist teachers with educational resources, manage community workshops and equip the students with citizen science tools. In addition to the 100 000 plus learners reached, we also manage distribution programs for reading glasses and sanitary products. 


This is what we specialize in, designing and implementing unique multi-disciplinary campaigns. Focusing on human behavior change, conservation issues, climate change, sustainability, and storytelling. Our team turn-key approach ensures we are able to continue managing these award-winning adventures. 


We would like to thank you all for nominating us for the numerous awards we have won to date. They are a testament to hard work and our innovation in conservation communication, contribution to citizen science, multi-disciplinary approaches to environmental issues, and awareness among youth.


We are proud to say that we have been equipping youth with “citizen science” tools long before it became the buzzword it is today. We believe it to be one of the most powerful tools for conservation today, and for this reason, it is a cornerstone to our educational programs and expeditions.


It is said that “Curiosity Acted Apon Is Exploration” and for this reason, we are proud to say that we have created the e4k® Curiosity Fund. To help fund the mobile classroom programs, glasses distribution projects, humanitarian andinitiatives, re-wilding initiatives, storytelling grants, and assist others to enter the field of exploration. 


As a team of Photographers, Videographers, and Drone Pilots we take every opportunity to plan and research the stories we want to tell of the areas we travel through. In addition to working on our own content, we have also had the privilege of working for various brands, lodges, and organizations to capture their stories in the remote corners of our planet. 


Awareness is ingrained in our mission statement, to promote Education Through Adventure®. No matter the project, program or adventure as a team we believe in using our platforms to impart knowledge and share our passion for the beauty of the natural world. We also do our best to help you protect it for future generations through our e4k® Curiosity Fund. 


Having spent our lives growing up in the African Bush we have come to see the value of community and belive this to be the foundation for success. Be it elders emparting culture and knowleledge, or conservationists colaborating at the cutting edge of science. We belive in Ubuntu, we are stronger together, so we invite you to join our online community. As we explore4knowledge®.

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Our Overlanding Channel is something unique not only do we share our vehicle builds with you and our adventures, but most importantly we promote an insight into the vanishing world we call our home. 

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Rewilding is best described as – “activities are conservation efforts aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and wilderness areas. This may include providing connectivity between such areas, and protecting or reintroducing apex predators and keystone species.”

Having crisscrossed the African continent for a decade learning from conservation experts, managing research projects, and documenting the work of others. We have decided to put our in-house digital marketing and production skills to use on our own platforms for the next decade. As we launch our rewilding, conservation series across various streaming platforms. 

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Since 2011 the e4k® Curiosity Fund has been distributing reading glasses, managing educational programs, supporting scientific research, and supporting creatives in telling meaningful stories to enact change. Follow the link and see how you can support the fund. 

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Due to popular demand, we have partnered with EduExp.co and vehicle manufacturers to offer bespoke learning experiences and adventures focusing on environmental awareness for students and small groups. We look forward to hosting you in some of the worlds most spectacular locations. 

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With over a decade of experience in the field managing award-winning expeditions and programs, we have been honored to work with global brands delivering turn-key campaigns focusing on marketing and corporate social investment. So why not contact our team to find your next adventure. 

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