explore4knowledge had been working within the freshwater ecosystem sector since 2013 when we received a call from our longstanding environmental partners Miss Earth in 2018 to assist them with something we refer to as a “bio-blitz”.

In the next week, we had joined forces and used our contacts within the educational sector, to arrange activations in over 100 and Miss Earths connections within the National Government to help fund this public outcry to save water at all costs. 

Before we reached DAY ZERO

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“Day Zero”the moment when some four million inhabitants would be left without water.
Its existential crisis was triggered by a severe and unanticipated drought that turned all the local reservoirs into dustbowls.

Day Zero

“DAY ZERO” – Words you would never think to hear in relation to the city you live in running out of water, but we did. It was a matter of days and we were sitting in “war rooms” trying to address policy, research, usage, and education industry leaders were called in and various scenarios were discussed at length. Billboards went from advertising vehicles to begging people to show with buckets to collect the water. Information boards on highways were no longer reporting on traffic but instead telling us how much of the city’s daily limit we had already used. It felt like we had entered a Hollywood film set on an end of days movie production, but it was real, it was very real.

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“Water rations are now at 50 litres per person per day
to be used for  everything you need to do with water”

10 days 100 schools

This is what we specialize in logistics, planning, educational activations, and raising awareness around the freshwater crisis in our hometown. Together with Miss Earth, we were able to put 5 teams on the ground focusing on various areas in Cape Town to address learners and educators across all socio-economic barriers. All the while being age-appropriate through interactive songs, storytelling, workshops, drawings, and worksheets. It was a race against the clock in more ways than one with our team proudly being driven by Nissan South Africa. 

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“10 days to reach 100 schools …. 10 days to address 10 000 learners
10 days to challenge 10 000 households …. 10 days to reach 50 000 people.” 

The Next Adventure 

I hope our team never has to work on another DAY ZERO project again in our lifetime, but the sad reality is that with Climate Change and Species Loss it is inevitable. 

Though they say “prevention is better than cure” and for this reason, we are dedicating our time, channels, and resources to telling conservation stories to not only raise awareness but also inspire you to learn more about the natural world, because “people protect what they know”.
Thank you.
John Lucas and Team.   

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