Soweto 2 Sodwana



This was the last Overlanding adventure we squeezed in before South Africa
and the World went into lockdown, together with various industry partners we filmed what was to be a promo for an Overlanding Series we had designed focusing on travel, ecotourism, conservation, and rewilding. Through the use of digital marketing tools and various partnerships this series received millions of views across the two platforms, it was organically shared and these stats are available for you our partners to see. 


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We hope you enjoy the Adventure. 

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The Wild Coast in South Africa stretches along the Eastern Cape province’s northern coastline. As its name suggests this strip of coastline, which reaches from the Mtamvuna River in the north to the Great Kei River in the south, is an untamed wilderness.

The Idea

John and Alan started planning a way in which to bring a digital media platform to life in a way that would not only able to meet the needs of partners and sponsors but was designed to use visual media and digital marketing skills to tell the stories of people, places, cultures and the regions natural heritage. This Transki Expedition in 2020, was the pilot of a year planning from a visual media, digital marketing, and expedition logistics front. 

The Blog - Coming Soon

All good things take time this project took a year of planning, designing, and securing sponsors and partners. 

Part 1: Learning to Swim

There is nothing as scary as loading your vehicles onto a “pondt” or a ferry and seeing the vehicle of the vehicles push the platform down low enough to allow the water to start lapping across the deck….. not a problem we are told, we have taken many vehicles across here….. but i must profess I dont think many of them have been as big and as heavily loaded as our Land Cruisers. 

The Blog - Coming Soon

“why would you want to drive there if there is a perfectly good road a few 100 km inland”……… “where are you trying to get to…..” 

Part 2: Driving For Dinner

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The Blog - Coming Soon

“we have not experienced this much rain in years”……… “you can not drive your planned route the roads washed away…..” 

Part 3: Swamps and Turtles

This is one of South Africas natural wonders and an iconic location along our coast. Under certain conditions, the waves slap the rocks with a resounding crack, and the hole roars during storms. Tribesmen believe that these are the sounds of the sea-people singing and shouting, hence the name of the place, esiKhaleni.

The Blog - Coming Soon

“can we use the drone to scout ahead”……… ” it seems as though this never was a road, to begin with…..”

The Chef’s Journey

The Transkei 2020 pilot series was part 1 of 10 trips we had planned for the 2020-2021 period, but like many other industries, COVID has forced our team to put our plans on hold. This was done out of respect for the indigenous people we meet on our travels, our team safety, and in line with global safety guidelines. We look forward to hitting the road again in 2023 and sharing our passion for the natural world with you. Click on the links below to see more. 
Thank you.
John Lucas and Team.   

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