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Rewilding Series

Stories to inspire curiosity

Welcome to the Rewilding Series Page on the explore4knowledge website. This page and its various projects are a decade in the making and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you through our social media platforms. Below you will find links to our various ovelranding series focusing on the importance of rewilding and conservation on a global and local level. Follow our carbon neutral adventures in our custom build vehicles, learn about our team and the work being done by global organisations, as well as your local community groups. 

Rewilding is best described as – “activities are conservation efforts aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and wilderness areas. This may include providing connectivity between such areas, and protecting or reintroducing apex predators and keystone species.”

Rewilding Africa

Africa was once seen as the last frontier for explorers, adventurers, and hunters with the continent seeing a rush for resources which is still in effect today. Join us as we travel across this beloved continent, meeting with friends and environmentalists to learn about pressing issues and see how communities work alongside nature to secure their futures. 

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“A continent that leaves an everlasting impression and a longing for the unknown, simplicity and beauty of its natural landscapes.”

Rewilding Europe

Since 2011 the team and Rewilding Europe have been working tirelessly to reintroduce keystone species and ecosystem engineers to re-establish ecosystems and make Europe a wilder place. We have joined forces with their teams on the ground to explore the unknown wilderness which has been given a second chase by their efforts and share the animal sighting with you that we never thought possible.

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“as a tourist, we have seen to cultural and historic beauty Europe has to offer, now it’s time for us to learn about its natural beauty as well. ” 

Rewilding UK

The United Kingdom is the last place we would think of driving a fully kitted Overlanding vehicle in search of natural heritage and wildlife to photograph. Though your curiosity may just be rewarded when you find small but significant species reshaping the countryside and saving the economy missions in ecosystem service management annually. So join us and we find adventure in the strangest of places. 

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“come join us as we discover the species that have been lost and managed to extinction in recent history, and find out how they being reintroduced” 

Rewilding Iceland

For many Iceland is seen as the last fronteer of advenute tourism, one destination with so many things to do. From ice climbing to diving inbetween glacial ice, to off road driving and volcano viewing to name a few, but this is not why we have set our eyes on the island. Our interest is in how this small arctic land mass has found a way to live in balance with nature and what they plan on doing moving forward to rewild the land and protect its value for future generations.  

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Come and join us as we explore the land of fire and ice. 

Other Stories & Adventures

We see our Adventures, Expeditions, and Social Media Platforms as a means to raise awareness around conservation issues, climate change research, and marketing campaigns. For this reason, we described our rewilding series to be “an original e4k series” something like no other and something shared with you for free across our platforms. So like and subscribe to stay informed. 
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