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This page is a dedicated summary of the Overlanding Travels and Rewilding Series completed in the region. Click through to the specific projects, individual videos, blog posts, and content below.

We hope you enjoy the Adventure. 

England – Ireland – Scotland – Wales

Lobos – Portugal

John and Alan started planning a way in which to bring a digital media platform to life in a way that would not only able to meet the needs of partners and sponsors but was designed to use visual media and digital marketing skills to tell the stories of people, places, cultures and the regions natural heritage. This Transki Expedition in 2020, was the pilot of a year planning from a visual media, digital marketing, and expedition logistics front. 

Coming Soon

All good things take time this project took a year of planning, designing, and securing sponsors and partners. 

Other Destinations

Over the years we have been able to travel to some of the world’s most iconic locations for work and as we have mentioned before none of what we do would be possible without your donations and the support of our partners and sponsors. So follow the links below and enjoy the adventure.   
Thank you.
John Lucas and Team.   

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Alongside the support given by partners and sponsors, these projects are supported by donations recieved through the e4k® Curiosity Fund. Click below if you want to support the next advneture. 

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