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We started building vehicles before sharing you daily life on YouTube was a thing. We rebuilt and kitted our vehicles for specific purpouses such as field guiding, game capture operations, film production, research and ofcourse overlanding. 

Now after a decade of using some of the worlds best off road vehicles,  in the most interesting environments on the planet, we invite you to join us as we build some of our favorite vehicles alongside some of our long standing partners and a few new ones.

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e4k Vehicle build series

Senqu – Defender 110 Puma

This is one of our pride and joys, a Land Rover Defender as aesthetically beautiful as it may be is definatly an aquiered taste to drive. Join us on the series where we delve into where the 2010 Defender Puma got its name, some of the expeditions its been involved in, discussions around what kit is best for this vehicle, as well as what we have planned for it once we have completed the build. 

Build Coming: Sept 2022

build partners - coming soon

Tugela – Hilux 001

Toyota is as iconic as Land Rover when it comes to the world of off road vehicles, but to kit this vehicle out and rebuild it is something completely different to building a SUV style vehicle. Unfortunatly this vehicles does not have as rich a history as Senqu does, but no matter we adventures are where stories are made and this vehicle has some amazing adventures lined up for it once we are finished with its build. 

Build Coming: Feb 2023

build partners - coming soon

Past Vehicle Builds

As mentioned above we started building and kitting vehicles before YouTube was a thing, so unfortunately we can not share any videos of past builds, but we have good old fashioned photographs to take you on a insperational journey. From Ford to Nissan and everything inbetween, we have been able to work with vehicle manufacturers to manage our various projects and look forward to sharing our stories with you.

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Past Vehicles & builds

Land Rover – Discovery

This is possibly one of our favorite vehicles to travel with, we have traversed Namibia, roared up and over towering sand dunes, waded through rivers and carries tones of equipment to remote locations.

Nissan – Navara

We were able to put 30 000km on this Iconic, Powerful and Luxurious vehicle out the box. Cary equipment, towe boats, cross mountains and sliding down sand dunes the Navara was an unexpected favorite of ours. 

Land Rover – Defender 

These is a special place in our heart for our Defenders, as in many of our hearts I would venture to guess. We have driven TD5’s, 110 Pumas, 130’s and Heritage Editions on various projects and loved all of it. 

Land Rover – Range Rover

Land Rover – Range Rover have been our longest standing vehicle partners in Africa. From loading vehicles for high end events, to using defenders for research, humaniterian and educational projects. Collectively traveling 300 000km to date.

Ford – Ranger

This was the first car we ever kitted out peronally a 2.5TD XL Ranger. Almost as iconic as a Defender, we traveled almost 200 000km in the Ranger. With a basic removable vehicle set up, these were the good old days. 

Toyota – Hilux

Toyota were our first official vehicle partners, working with them through their Enviro-Outreach Program we were able to access a up to 4 vehicles at a time. Kitted to various degrees these vehicles became the life line to our projects and expeditions.

Land Rover – Series 2a

There is nothing as iconic as a Land Rover Series and this series 2 a is no exception.  When given the opportunity to build one from the ground up and then travel across Zambia with it, well who would say no. Follow the Zambia Projects for this once in a life time story. 

Toyota – Land Cruiser

Having worked across Africa for over a decade we have been able to drive various Land Cruisers across the continent. From standard issued single cabs to game view vehicles and fully kitted purpouse built overlanding machines. Follow the Transki Project for more.

Jurgens XT 140

The Jutgens XT 140 was our first off road trailer, a home away from home. The vehicle was used as base camp when working in remote locations, as a editing studio when on assignment, as a luxuary kitchen for celebrity chefs and as a field data collection hub when doing research.