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Why Should You Work With Us


Our service offering is uniquly tailored to meet your needs. They focus on Brand or Product Development, implementation of Social Investment projects within the humaniterian and environmntal sector, management of Remote Logistics for research projects and brand interactons, the creation and implemtation of Digital Marketing campaings relating to campaigns, products or events as well as the conceptulisaton of brand or product specific Visual Story Telling. We pride ourselves in being able to work with you in finding a solution to your needs and encourage you to contact us to see how we can best work with you. 








Field tested the right way

Brand Awarness can be showcased in many shapes and forms and over the years our team been able to work fwith brands from product conceptulisation to multi-day product launches. Our turn-key and inclusive aproach has enabled us to work within the product development space alongside major outdoor brands, we have assisted their teams with research and development, developing brand awarness and client based experiances around product launches across various industries. We look forward to seeing how we can work with your brand. 

Our team has worked with various corporate clients and publications assisting them to launch products, review, in-field test, and convert customer interaction to sales.

We have also proudly been trusted with implementing social development, humanitarian, educational, and social investment campaigns for various brands. 


Meaningfull connections

Since 2011 we have been designing, implemeting and managing social upliftment and community development projects in partnership with various corporates across the African continent. In addition to managing these projects our team also work with various NGOs and businesses on a consultation basis to develop Social Investment or CSR campaings which change behavior around environmntal crisis, deliver much needed educational resources as well as feedings and healthcare campaigns. Please feel free to ask how we can help you. 


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A Home Away From Home

Having a vision is one thing, but being able to execute the vision is entirely different. From building pop-up resturants under star lit skies in pre-historic oceans, to screening films on the sides of sand dunes and building off grid expedition base camps are but some of the projects completed by our team. In using our purpouse built vehicles, we are able to not only power your vision, but get you and your clients there and back again in comfort. 

We have managed projects in some of the world’s remotest locations, from snow-capped mountains to meandering river valleys, and from vast seas of sand to frozen desserts. 

Content creation and management are one of our passions and with our dedicated Google Ad Grants, we look forward to telling the stories of our adventures and how you support us. 


adaptive creativity

Our strengths in Digital Marketing is what makes any sponsorship or partnership agreement with explore4knowledge unique. As our team of industry profesionals who manage various projects and marketing retainer are responcible for the US$120 000.00 Google Add Grant and additional YouTube Grants avaibale to our organisation. These grants are managed to give our projects, campaings, partnerships and colaborations the best chance of success in sharing the plight of the planets vanishing ecosystems. We look forward to promoting your involvement wth our work through dedicated marketing opportunities with our brands. 

For over a Decade visual storytelling is what you could refer to as our bread and butter alongside our digital marketing work for various corporates and NGOs. 

We are pleased to announce that we will still be working with various clients globally, but we will be dedicating our time and resources to producing our own original series.


Our Lens Your story

Story Telling is an age old tradition, from signing to the spoken word, to sand drawings and rock art, the written word to painting and art work. All of these have been used to capture emotions, moments, empart knowledge and change the future. This is but the surface of what visual story telling represents for us and we look forward to showcasing your brands in their natural environmnt, all the while telling compelling stories to change behaviour and inform. These services combined with digital markting, remote logistics, social investment and brand awarness allows our team to showcase you and your products in a way no one else can. 

Work With Us

Why not work with us to raise awareness around conservation based projects, brands, citizen science or products through our activations and projects.