It is said that 1 image is worth 1000 words so imagine the effect it would have to tell a conservation story with 1000 or 10 000 images. This is the mission of our productions division managed though PinMediaSA , to tell authentic conservation story of the projects we manage and expeditions we embark upon, as well as those of the communities we come across.

Our expeditions are more than just an adventure, they are there to tell stories that cannot be told otherwise and inspire the next generation to conserve and protect the inherit beauty of the planet by going outside to explore outside their front doors.

Though we also believe in upliftment and as part of the work done through e4k® our productions division works with various departments and faculties enabling students to work alongside us in a career orientated internship. Through various collaborations and projects, we have not only been able to tell our story, but the story of our partners and sponsors as well.

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Production Sponsors

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Production Team

Additional photographers and videographers are used on a freelance bases depending on the projects

Cameron Stuart
Production Manager
Dylan Haskins
Expedition Photographer
John Lucas
Founder and CEO

Productions To Date

Cindarella Story

This was our first environmental production project, in partnering with students from local universities film and media departments we were able to document the relocation of 400 critically endangered fish within the Cederberg Wilderness Area.

Thread of Life

Through working with the team from Media Village in South Africa, we were able to create the first documentary style production to highlight the work being done by J Lucas and explore4knowledge.

Soweto 2 Sodwana

In working with WWF South Africa and the United Nations, the Soweto2Sodwana campaign envisioned by J Lucas was captured by our team and the 15 min short film has been submitted to various film festivals.

E4k’s content and products are managed by PinMediaSA, which specialises in the generation of expedition, brand related and conservation orientated content media content. www.pinmeidasa.com