Since 2006, I have travelled across the African Continent camera in hand as a working conservationist, pursuing my passion for landscape, wildlife and night sky photography in my own time. Capturing any moment that could tell a story from the land, in the water or from the sky. Dreaming of finding the opportunity to pursue a full-time career as a visual storyteller and conservationist. With being able to work in the Arctic, being a life time dream and Polar Bears, being my “Ghost Cat”.

This work will be showcased across the @explore4knowledge and @JohnLucasImages platforms, as shows and linked below.

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All the blog posts and content uploaded to the explore4knowledge platforms are supported by a US$120 000 p/a Google Ad Grant, YouTube Grant and a Digital Marketing Strategy.
The Polar Planet Award will receive the same support, across the e4k platforms. 



Outreach and Communication are key to all I do, with the “mobile classroom” program reaching 100 000 learners annually and distributing citizen science-based content to over 1 million learners across Southern Africa through various educational partnerships. 

what we do


To date, various projects and initiatives we have managed and worked on have not only received digital marketing outcomes and support, but various traditional media platforms have told the stories. On average e4k projects receive £10 – 20 000 in traditional media support. 

press and media


This is the main adventure and expedition story telling platform, focusing on multi-disciplinary expeditions and environmental story telling. 



This is my personal travel and photography portfolio. Something which I have been putting off for years, but during the pandemic, I convinced myself to share my passion. 


JLI Website

This website will be live in Q1(2023) with a focus on highlighting conservation stories through photography. This website will be more of a personal account of my passion for photography and wildlife, it will also direct traffic to explore4knowledge which will host blogs and videos supported by the ad grant. The Polar Planet Award will have a dedicated landing page on the site. 


e4k Website

This website will continue to highlight all the work done by John Lucas and the e4k team. With its content supported by the ad grant, the site will promote conservation concepts through the written word, visual media and podcasts. If successful the Polar Planet Award, will be featured as the main project and be promoted across all media platforms. 

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Within e4k my job varies from the project manager to a field researcher, photographer, videographer and drone pilot. The selected videos below were planned, produced and edited by myself and Cameron. The Soweto2Sodwana project was aired in airports and on inflight screens across South Africa, and the Transkei project averaged 1 million views for the campaign. Upon receiving the Google Grant in late 2021, I look forward to producing multi-part video series for the e4k platform to generate its following and share the message of our partners and sponsors.  

@explore4knowledge YouTube


I think most photographers doubt their work to some degree and it took a global pandemic for me to stop and take account of the stories my images can tell, as well as the joy they bring to me personally. So for this reason in late 2022 I started sharing my images on my personal Instagram page, though I will still continue using the e4k blog, youtube and Facebook platforms due to their reach through its ad grant and 15 000 newsletter subscribers. 

@JohnLucasImages Personal Stories