Highlighting the worlds critical issues through exploring its Natural and Cultural Heritage, all the while inspiring the next generation of outdoor enthusiast to appreciate nature through self reliant travel.



Across Africa there is a valuable concept captured in the rich term; “UBUNTU”

This Nguni Bantu word translates into “people are people because of other people”, and this cannot be truer for the natural and cultural heritage of our world, it exists because of people.

We invite you to join us as in this chapter of explore4knowledge as we travel the globe, exploring and learning about our natural and cultural heritage and beyond from subject matter experts, renowned explorers, and community change makers.

In using our team’s vast experience, visual storytelling skills, and tools implemented through our expedition and education divisions we seeking to understand the past, experience the present, and shape the future.

All the while traveling in our self-reliant, carbon neutral overlanding vehicles.

Join us as we open your eyes to places unseen, on journeys aimed at sparking your curiosity and imagination.


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