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Our self-reliant off road vehicles have been repurposed to inspire curiosity and assist educators and researchers in the field.

Mobile Classroom


It is an inevitable truth that what we do in the next 10 years will impact the next 10 000.

In its history till this point, explore4knowledge was able to reach 100 000 learners through self-funded programs and limited access to proper vehicles.

These educational programs focus on highlighting the plight of natural resources and the direct effect communities have on them, and vice versa. Through innovative and holistic learning our vehicles use citizen science tools, microscopes, projectors, drones, and VR technologies to reconnect participants with nature. In order to make our work relatable we employ local community champions who are upskilled through our various partners.

It is through these visceral experiences that memories are formed and future change is made possible, change that can ripple out far into the future. This is how we take steps forward.

It is in being able to move forward that we need your help.

As we move into the next decade and beyond, we wish to have our own vehicles, so as not to be dependent on loans that are not purpose-built.

Together with your support – and the help of our sponsors – we hope to have multiple vehicles working within specific communities and assisting educators who may lack resources, skills or the capacity to run activities. Your support can assist us in purchasing a mobile classroom vehicle and your continued support can assist us in funding its annual operational costs.

Please contact us directly for more information, costs, outcomes and related documents.

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Funds needed - US $


Vehicles needed


As an organization we are in desperate need of vehicle to manage our educational and outreach programs. We are reaching out to everyone we know to ask if they can not only share this page with their friends, families, coworkers and bosses. But to also donate any amount possible to our cause.

We will keep you all personally up to date around the developments of this project, send you links to videos of the rebuild and once the vehicles are in the field we will also live stream some of our classes and upload videos around what they do in the field on a continued basis.

If you need any additional information please email us at donate@explore4knowledge.com


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The Mobile Classroom Design

Mobile classroom vehicle scaled

*Please note the vehicle may vary, but the build concept will remain as designed by John Lucas

Some of the Educational Tools

Mobile Science Lab with Digital Microscopes

VR Head Sets and VR cinema

Mobile Cinema

Drone Linked to Interactive Map

Citizen Science Data Collection tools for aquatic, terrestrial and marine ecosystems

Some of the Educational Outcomes

Developing community change makers

Skill and Vocational Upliftment

Various Sustainable Learning Programs

Exposure to Technology and free thinking

Fostering curiosity and igniting the imagination through using the environment


We have set up a PAY PAL payment point for all non South African Donations, see link below.

We have also set up a Pay Fast Payment Point for South African Donations and listed our banking details below.

Please also send us your proof of payment, your names and a “selfie” Photo of yourselves so that we can thank you properly on the dedicated space below, as well as engrave your names into the vehicles.

Our Banking Details Are

Beneficiary Name: explore4knowledge
Beneficiary Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 198765
Account Number: 11 56 34 43 44

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Mobile Classroom In Action


As part of the official thank you for supporting our cause we be listing all those who have made this dream a reality below. In addition to this we will be mounting specially designed plaques within each of the vehicles, on which your names will be engraved. Thank you for your support in making this dream a reality and remember to send us your details as requested above.

Vehicle 1

  • Walker Family

Vehicle 2

  • Lucas Family

Vehicle 3

  • Walker Family


e4k FrontRunner70
rsi low
e4k ICS70

…Rebuild and Thank you Videos Coming Soon…