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Over the years we have been asked by many of our followers and partners if it is able to join us as part of their holiday and every time we have to explain that when you see it on social media, the stories we capture is a full-time job and joining us will be everything, but a holiday. But we have been listening to you and have formed a sister company called Educational Expeditions, its main purpose is to host you in the field of Learning Vacation, similar to the video you see here.

Our main focus is small group travel, student travel, learning vacations and brand expediances. Feel free to contact us to find our more, we look forward to hosting you.


Is the official travel division of explore4knowledge®


Working alongside brands we host unique experiences for their clients, providing an opportunity to use their products as intended in the field or participate in unique conservation or humanitarian-focused experiences. These experiences are managed using our turn-key approach and include services such as celebrity chefs, educators, adventure-based activations, storytellers opportunities, and digital marketing among others.  

live in the moment

We have worked with various corporates hosting their clients on unique outdoor activations, product launches, and driving experience.


Our learning vacations are based on school and university group travel, each experience focuses on understanding different aspects of the natural world. Through in-program lectures from subject matter experts, to experiential learning, camping, and offroad driving all our experiences are ensured to be something you will be doing for the first time. With topics ranging from sustainability to urbanization, wildlife management to marine ecosystem degradation, and fresh water systems management we will always have something to share with you. 

reward your curiosity

Ever wanted to sleep under a star-filled night sky, understand the migratory patterns of whales, climb sand dunes, or photograph leopards. Well then one of our Learning Vacations is for you. 


Our small group experiences are the best of what our client experiences and learning vacations have to offer. These experiences offer you an opportunity like no other, to travel in our offroad vehicles, experience nature at its best, and even tailor some of the itineraries so as to add something special to your journey, who knows maybe a helicopter flip over the Okavango or a Hotair balloon ride across the Namib. These experiences offer you an opportunity to see the world with us, through our eyes.   

share every moment

These are a part of our roots, as many of our team started their careers as private guides we can not wait to share our curiosity with you.

EducationalExpeditions™ – #AdventureForAReason. 

some of our destinations


Learn about desert ecology, view one of the world’s remaining Dark Sky Reserves, explore the never-ending ocean of sand, and marvel at the various rock formations of old. 


From the Kelp Forest of the Cape to the last wild rivers of the Karoo, the Rock Art of the Drakensberg, and the Wildlife of the Bushveld, you will not be disappointed. 


Glide through the life-giving rivers of the Okavango, explore the baobab forests and the countries central salt pans, before making your way to the red sand dunes of the Kalahari. 


Welcome to the land of fire and ice, with some of the planet’s most unique geology being actively formed beneath your feet. Explore ice caves, geothermal pools and learn about sustainable energy consumption. 


An ancient land is known for its mountains, rivers, and wildlife. We look into its ecological past and future, see what is being done to rewild the region and participate in various conservation programs. 


Known as the center of discovery, Portugal once held the gateway to the world. We explore its leaps and bounds in sustainable resource management, abundant coastline and search for wolves. 

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