A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, scientific research, or discovery

(ex·pe·di·tion) expedition


Our e4k Expeditons not only encourage the pursuit of geographic exploration to document biological observations for the enhancement of field science, but they are the essence of what explore4knowledge® was built on by our founder. Our expeditions encompass all that we are and despite being one of the four pillars that form e4k® it aims to showcase all of the pillars as one. Be it navigating the imaginary lines of forgotten rivers, polluted coastlines or crumbling contours on a copy of a historic map our vision is to highlight the plight of critical resources and climate change with every expedition.

Though we will not be alone in doing so, with access to over 1 million students across South Africa we encourage participatory learning and citizen science in every town we pass through and for those we cannot directly meet we encourage you to follow our expeditions though VR or the Documentary Films produced by our dedicated team.

Our expeditions are more than just an adventure, they are there to tell stories that cannot be told otherwise and inspire the next generation to conserve and protect the inherit beauty of the planet by going outside to explore outside their front doors.

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Olifants River

Western Cape

The Olifants River Research project was envisioned by J Lucas as part of his Masters Research Project. This expedition was based on scientific and geographic discovery, following a river from source to sea, by vehicle, kayak and on foot. Aimed at telling the untold story of metal pollution within this pristine ecosystem.

Soweto 2

With South African townships being the largest growing consumer of seafood in the country, J Lucas envisioned and designed

Water Warrior

10 students, 10 days, 3 Land Rovers with one mission to paddle the Olifants River for the first time from Source 2 Sea and meet renowned scientists along the way. Participating in scientific research programs, managing citizen science projects and promoting the need for geographic exploration among diverse youth.

Mouth 2 Mouth

10 000 km – 10 000 students – 3 rivers – 3 counties, a first of its kind expedition mapping South Africa’s largest river catchment area.

Coast Of Hope

Seeking hope for the newly proclaimed Marine Protected Areas along the South African Coastline by land and sea.

Doring River

Exploring the last wilderness along the South African West Cost, looking for vanishing ecosystems and fish species.