I am what I am because of who we all are



At e4k® we believe that the proud African Tradition of UBUNTU is more relevant today than ever before, especially when focusing on the protection of our natural heritage both locally in South Africa and Globally.


As much as we are people though the collective actions of other people, so is the current state we find our planets natural resources in a direct effect of the collective action of us as a people and we believe that through empowering individuals with knowledge and experiences we are not only able to empower communities, but protect our natural heritage for future generations in doing so. 


So we invite you to join us on one of our citizen science orientated, syllabus aligned Environmental Education workshops, programs, camps or expeditions managed alongside our various network partners. We will not only open your eyes to the seemingly insignificant, but through our holistic sensory approach we will transport you from your classroom into our outdoor classroom.


Through focusing on the need to promote geographical exploration, biological understanding and scientific discovery we ensure your students from Early Childhood Development to Tertiary level will not only experience conservation in a unique setting, but will become advocates for nature as a precious commodity. Our team also focuses on Educating Educators enabling them to better understand tropics such as Water Conservation, Food Security, Zero To Landfill and Climate Change ensuring all are able to work together to collectively ensure a conservation legacy for future generations.

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Over the years explore4knowledge has managed work across the African continent, though our focus remains at home and through partnering with local land owners, community learners, organisations and corporates we have been able to establish what we proudly refer to as the e4k collection. These field based classrooms and learning facilities  are designed to showcase the natural, environmental and cultural heritage of where they are located. In addition to promoting collaborative community based learning experiences, environmental research programmes, citizen science initiatives and economic empowerment through eco-tourism

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It is said that “curiosity acted upon is exploration”and for this reason our team is pleased to not only pursue our curiosity across the African Continent, but also Globally. We are proud that our citizen science orientated Education campaigns not only feed valuable data into existing databases, but that our Expeditions and Awareness Campaigns exist to answer questions around critical thinking, collect data for research programmes and promote problem solving across various sectors.


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Earth Camp

Seeing is believing and for many they only read about environmental issues and work being done in the field by conservationists, this annual camp is designed to add a practical experience to theoretical knowledge taught to the next generation of environmental influencers.

Olifants River Education

The Olifants Doring Educational program was the original educational program developed and tested for e4k, its success was based on getting community schools to adopt a part of the river on which they collect rubbish from its banks and work with our teams collecting citizen science data.

Mobile Classroom

Designed to assist educators with syllabus based holistic learning experiences, this innovative vehicle based model incorporates citizen science programs, a mobile science laboratory, mobile cinema, VR and Drone related technologies all aimed at promoting Biology, Science and Geographical exploration.

Talks and Awareness

The e4k team and mobile classroom has traveled across Africa hosting talks, promoting various conservation messages and developing innovative means to share natures stories. We follow our annual environmental calendar and look forward to being hosted by your business, school or organisation for an activation.

Water Action

The water action weekend is an annual celebration of fresh water and marine ecosystems, these camps or mini-expeditions mainly focus on awareness of environmental crisis. With the interactive programs aimed hosting learners as well as corporates, media as well as various NGO’s.

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These communities based outreach programs are focused around monthly activations within the e4k locations and surrounding river catchment areas. Through various partnerships students not only participate in citizen science programs, learning from experts but also partake in skills based personal development programs.