Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards 2014

Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards 2014

Firstly I would like to thank the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards 2014 organisers and media team for organising this prestigious award, with the aim to highlight the good being done in South Arica for the environment. To the judges involved with the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards 2014 #ELA2014 I thank you for the tremendous honour of being selected as the winner of the Eco-Youth Award for 2014.

Sitting in my Laboratory processing samples in June this year, I received a phone call from the Enviropaedia team, informing me that I had been nominated for the Eco-Logic Awards 2014. In discussing the award with them, I mentioned that I had not met the individual that had nominated me and was pleased to be nominated, though I am not working for awards I am following my passion and dream to promote conservation and environmental awareness through my work. This phone call started a few months of paperwork and emails being sent between myself and Enviropaedia, through this I could not help but smile thinking of the works uttered by E Basson in my first lecture at University, “a good conservationist will spend their lives working with people, papers and pens”.

So finding myself in the Cradle of Humankind, between South Africas foremost conservationists. Meeting the men and women behind the scientific papers and management plans I have spent many a night reading. Though while listening to what commitments companies have made to a sustainable future was the last place I was expecting to hear “…..and the winner of the Eco-Youth Award for 2014 is John Lucas…..”

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Receiving this award was not only truly unexpected but also a great honour, encompassing my work from the age of 15 with various NGO’s, conservation based organisations and youth development programs. Though before I get into my thoughts around the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards, I would like to thank Inga for the nomination and for being a perfect stranger believing in someone’s work and passion. To every single person I have ever met in my life shared a smile, conversation, campfire, cold night on the side of a mountain, lost in a snow storm and listened to your words wisdom no matter how young or old, your shaped my mind and thoughts. To the bushmen of the Kalahari, the street vendors and beggars of Africa, my teachers, my mentors, my family and Talita I thank you all. I also thank God for my passion, joy and drive in life to pursue my dreams.

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Though what I was asked to write about was my vision and thoughts on the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards 2014 and the concept of Rethinking Reality.

It has been said that change is as good as a holiday and yet our human nature has developed in such a way that change is the very thing we resist. As a society we have become complacent and accepting of the positive and negative effects we have on the worlds natural resources, thus effecting ourselves and those around us.

Our inability to rethink reality and dream with open eyes has resulted in a escalating human detachment from nature. Our dependence on natural resources such as water and byproducts such as electricity is only rivaled by our growing ignorance of the sources and processes from which they are derived. Such as the misconception, “water comes from a tap” though with out these resources and economic byproducts life as we know it comes to a end.

I believe that the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards not only highlights and gives a voice to companies, organisations and individuals promoting sustainability and conservation in new and ground braking programmes.

Though more importantly these awards provide us with the proverbial opportunity to take off your shoes and reconnect the souls of your feet with the soil of nature and Mamma Africa. Forcing us for a few moments out of our busy lives to rethink reality and consider the victories won by the Dreamers and Thinkers of our modern society for nature, people and the natural environment. These individuals I believe encompass the selfless essence of Ubuntu, striving to make a meaningful long lasting contribution to our planet, its peoples and our dwindling natural resources.

So what I took from and want to share with you all from the Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards 2014 is simply to challenge you to look at the world as a vision that can be changed, altered and manipulated for a better, brighter and more sustainable future.

Remember that collective efforts can have a large impact on the future of our planet.

John Lucas



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