16 March 2014 #e4k_water International Day of Action for Rivers #RiversUniteUs

16th March 2014 explore4knowledge, International Day of Water Action 2014

#e4k_water #RiversUniteUS

The morning of the 16th March brought the explore4knowledge, Toyota Enviro Outreach, International Day of Action for rivers weekend to an end.

With the Toyota Hilux’s packed and the vehicles ready we depart Beaverlac Nature Reserve and head towards Klipbokkop to deliver some of our logistical equipment before heading home to Cape Town.

departing from Beaverlac #e4k_water

departing from Beaverlac 2 relate bracelets #e4k_water

Klipbokkop Nature Reserve #e4k_water

Klipbokkop Nature Reserve 2 #e4k_water

I would like to thank all our partners and sponsors for making this event a success:

Toyota Enviro Outreach, Klipbokkop, Pick nPay School Club, WWF Journey of Water, International Rivers, Beaverlac Nature Reserve, Dylan Haskins Photography.

explore4knowledge toyota envio outreach team #e4k_water

team at noordhoeks school #e4k_water

students in beaverlac photo CPUT Fairmont high school #e4k_water

View our Film of Day 4 on our YouTube Channel 

Until our next adventure keep in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter we would love to hear from you.

John Lucas

Thank you to our partners and sponsors for making our work in the field possible.



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