Scouting South Africa and Environmental Education in KZN

Scouting South Africa and Environmental Education in KZN

The scouting movement has been something close to my heart for many years maybe because my first hike I ever did was with a Pretoria based scout troop in the Drakensberg. Waking up as a 12 year old boy and walking out to sit next to the Tugela Falls (the second highest water fall in the world) and see a golden sun rise form a sea of clouds as far as the eye can see. Is still explained to many as my most favourite camp site I have ever been at.

Drakensberg #e4k_water

Though through the years from many camps, hikes, PLTU and springbok I was pleased to assist when scouting South Africa asked me to fly to KwaZulu- Natal to assist with an environmental education camping project.

These projects have been running across South Africa in all of our countries magnificent and majestic provinces. Aimed at facilitating leadership, environmental awareness and building local communities, the idea behind the project is taking a team of local youth who have just finished school and equipping them to manage a month long camp attended by various schools.

Scouting KZN 2013 #1

Scouting KZN 2013 #2

It is projects like these that we as explore4knowledge love supporting and being part of. We believe in the old African proverb that when we give a man a fish we feed him for a day but if we teach him to fish we have created a ripple effect of common good and hope that the message and skills are spread around the community.

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