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Founded by John Lucas, explore4knowledge® has been promoting syllabus based holistic learning through environmental education activation and expeditions across Southern Africa since 2011. These multi-award winning workshops, mobile classrooms, camps and expeditions have not only reached over 15 000 students in a sustainable manner across various socio economic boundaries (2011-2015), but have become a benchmark in promoting the pursuit of exploration in the fields of Geography, Biology and Science.

By focusing on promoting Education Through Adventure®, e4k® has been able to make these fields relevant to the current generation and through using citizen science tools, partnering with industry leaders, corporate sponsors and private donors they have been able to bridge the gap between science and education at a grassroots level.

We invite you to join us in the field working alongside various community groups at a grassroots level or allowing us to host your students through our Educational Expeditions™ program.

Mouth 2 Mouth Expedition

Living up its name, explore4knowledge® will once again be promoting Education Through Adventure® this time literally across South Africa from East to West. Following 3 rivers, through 3 countries, navigating over 7 000 km and educating over 7 000 students effectively traveling from Mouth2Mouth in their Land Rover’s.

This year sees John Lucas and his team not only raising awareness around our most precious resource Fresh Water, but also sees them collecting scientific data, learning from local experts, managing interactive programs and using some interesting new technology to make you all part of the adventure!

By following the Tugela River (Mouth - Source) on the East Coast of South Africa, cross over the shared water tower and then follow the Senqu River (source of the Orange) though Lesotho, into South Africa where it becomes the Orange and then onto its mouth through Namibia and along the South African West Coast. The explore4knowledge® team will effectively navigate one of the largest joint water catchment areas in Southern Africa an expedition that to their knowledge has not been done before, following rivers, from one rivers mouth to another across a land mass, making our expedition unique.

We welcome you to join our team through our new website launching mid 2017 and following us on Social media @explore4knowledge and #e4kMouth2Mouth

Mouth 2 Mouth – Coming Mid 2017

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We are proud of the partnerships we have with our partners and sponsors, many of whom have been us since day 1.
Though we are always grateful for any support we can receive.
For this reason, we have formed the #e4kDream division to explore4knowledge®.
If you, your business or school would like to assist us with fund raising for our education programs.
If you would like to donate to one of our fundraisers to purchases additional equipment or if you simply want to donate some of your old apple products to our non-for-profit we truly appreciate all the help we can get.
Feel free to contact John Lucas through the links below.

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If you would like to find out more about our work across Southern Africa or are considering approaching us to form some sort of partnership with regards to our work, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are open to working with any organisations to promote the plight of Fresh Water on the African Continent.
For Press, Sponsorship or Partnership related enquiries please feel to email John Lucas though the link below.
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